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You cannot afford to neglect the condition of your car tyres. Poor tyre quality could lead to endangering yourself and your passengers, as well as other road users and pedestrians. It is recommended that car tyres should be checked regularly. Look for cuts, cracks and bulges or any other evidence of damage from violent impact or kerbing. Damaged tyres may be illegal and can be dangerous.

Here at Standish Autobodies we are proud to offer Landsail Tyres. Landsail tyres offer the perfect combination of efficiency, durability and performance. Quality, technology and confidence run through the treads of every set of our high performance tyres. Even in the most demanding conditions you can feel the difference with Landsail tyres.

Illegal tyres will make your insurance invalid. Worn tyres significantly impede the performance of your car and fuel economy. Worn tyres reduce the effectiveness of braking steering and acceleration, vital areas for safe driving.

What Should You Check?

The Tyre Industry Council have devised a 5-point tyre check

  • Check overall condition of tyres, including inner and outer sidewalls.
  • Check tyre tread depth.
  • Check all tyre pressures.
  • Check signs of irregular wear i.e. alignment.
  • Check and examine the spare tyre.

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